Ruth Gibson
In-Home Decor
I just wanted to send my thanks for the wonderful job you did in my new apartment. I had downsized from my home and kept the pieces that I loved. I assumed putting them all together in my new smaller space would look fantastic. I was wrong. It just looked like a pile of furniture. You were so great at tying my pieces together and adding some new accents that pulled everything together. And what a relief, you took the pain out of me having to figure out where to hang my pictures and my wonderful cuckoo clock which I loved in Germany but when I got home - exactly how to make it fit into my space. But you two did it!!! Looks wonderful and fits in with everything. Also, you two did this under-budget. Thanks again.
Jane Henderson-Bayley
Amazing place to refresh your home. They have a wide range of items from, pillow cases, pictures, home décor items at great prices. They will even come a give you advice on decorating your home, making it "new again."
Dyna Anker
Sharon has helped me on two separate occasions. Once when I was selling my condo one room was just right and at the very last moment before photographs asked Sharon to come in and help. With her eye for detail, she knew what the room required. She made some changes that were right on point. It sold within the first few appointments. Sharon, along with another Designer friend did a makeover for my daughter while she was in the hospital. My teenage daughter finds peace in her room, Sharon selected pieces that made a big impact. She is professional with a personal touch. She is patient and takes your input into full consideration. I would definitely recommend her and her company. Thanks again.
Lynne Ryan
With the imagination and creativity from Sharon at The Staging Warehouse, she was able to come up with the idea to create a new service room on our main floor lobby area. We weren’t doing much with the space at the time but she influenced us to take the jump to increase the amount of staff able to work and clientele able to come into the space at a time. This was my first space of my own and I needed her push to know that this was the right choice for the business. With the room now near completion, we were able to open our spa an additional day of the week as our business expands. It is always a pleasure speaking with Sharon and hearing her great ideas on how we could always improve!

Precision Esthetics Inc

Sheena Beaton Owen
The Staging Warehouse is an awesome gem in the Beaches. Just picked up some awesome pieces for the house.
Jane Latendresse
Shop / Home Staging
The Staging Warehouse has been a pleasure to work with. Sharon is a true professional with a great eye for detail and knows how to showcase a space to highlight its best features, using their large pieces, and accessories. I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you very much, your service was fantastic!
Peter and Penny
“Sharon was asked to select furniture and décor for our coach house. She sourced some fantastic items that created a wonderful effect at a reasonable price. Excellent work ! Thanks Again ,Peter and Penny”
Todd and Vanessa
“Sharon is amazing! The best part about working with such an accomplished designer is that her connections got us great discounts. You save so much money on furniture, paint ,décor, everything really. The savings pay for her services. It’s a no brainer. You save money and get interior design services from an awesome designer. Our house looks better then we could have ever imagined..
The Chidolue Family
“If your looking for a revamp or just totally confused about what to do with your home your in the right place! Sharon is gifted! Th.e most exciting part is that she can work with your budget. Thank you Sharon for Transforming our home, you deserve more than 5 stars.”
Anna Ludlow
“The Staging Warehouse is my favourite home décor shop in Toronto. It has everything and the prices are incredible. If your looking to add or to spruce up your home you have to go into this shop!! The owner Sharon is so friendly and offers professional advice from the largest things to the smallest things. No detail will go unnoticed! Honestly, I just love this place !!! Don’t miss out on the incredible deals.”
Maggie Gosselin
“Sharon worked with me to update my living room and we’re moving onto the dining room and kitchen. She has been so easy to work with. I immediately felt comfortable with her. Sharon knew exactly what I was looking for after an initial consultation in my home and I was immediately able to put some of her ideas into place. She was sensitive to budget and I was able to get discounts at my favourite stores that more than made up for the cost of working with a great designer. Sharon has a great eye and a fantastic sense of colour and texture. That is obvious from the beautiful items in her shop”